I am a consumer rights and bankruptcy lawyer located right here in Raleigh, and I may be able to help. Many people think that bankruptcy is an economic death sentence. It’s not. In truth, it’s probably the most powerful of all our consumer protection laws and has provided millions of people with the fresh start that they so desperately needed. But your creditors and debt collectors don’t want you to know this. Many of these companies have filed for bankruptcy themselves. They just don’t like bankruptcy when it helps the everyday people who really need it, because they want maximize their huge profits. Although banks, debt collectors, and other creditors have lobbied to make it more difficult, bankruptcy is still available as a way to stop collections, garnishment, lawsuits, to wipe out debt, and to get a fresh start.

All across the country, and right here in North Carolina,  many people have lost their job or home, or just can’t make ends meet.  High interest credit cards or loans may have been a last resort to get by.  Maybe a medical condition or emergency resulted in uninsured hospital bills. Either way, you expected that you would get back on your feet and then you could pay the debts back. Unfortunately, for many people their situation has not improved, or hasn’t improved enough.  Now the creditors are not just trying to collect the amount borrowed, but an alarming amount of interest/penalty fees on top. They won’t accept payments that are even practical given your situation.  Worse yet, the original creditors sell accounts to debt buying companies that you have never heard of until you are harassed or sued by them.

Once these aggressive debt collectors get a judgment against you, they may try to attach a lien on your home. The bottom line is that many North Carolinians are drowning in debt and need help and they need it now.  Trying to hide from the situation is not a solution and can often make things much worse. If any of this sounds familiar, or you are struggling to stay afloat, you probably should be asking yourself this question— is bankruptcy the best option for me?

Bankruptcy is not a loophole or technicality that you can use to cheat your creditors.  It is a large body of laws that Congress has passed to allow honest people who have gotten in over their heads in debt to have a fresh start.  While bankruptcy is not something anyone hopes for, neither is it something to be ashamed about.  Let us help guide you through this time and get you on your way to your new financial life.


  • Are you experiencing harassing phone calls?
  • Are you behind in your payments?
  • Are your accounts in collection?
  • Is your car creditor threatening repossession?
  • Is your house in foreclosure?
  • Do you have IRS problems?

Contrary to popular belief, most people do not lose their house or car in bankruptcy. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debt, call an attorney today for accurate information on whether bankruptcy is right for you.